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With their fearless montage of rock riffs and soul-drenched hooks, ANWTLF stand poised to carve out a fresh space in today’s musical landscape.


That statement pretty much sums up the vibe of Florida’s A New Way To Live Forever. Led by prolific songwriter and vocalist, Russ Rogers, the band’s vision and sound revolve around the following 3 things:



Live Intensity

Rounding out the lineup are Florida scene veterans, Daniel Dyer (Guitar), Steve Velez (Bass) and Phil Tucciarone (Drums), and Stephen Rose (Guitar). This five-piece band of extraordinary unified talent has been stunning regional crowds with their electrified, energetic melodic-rock.


A New Way To Live Forever released their debut EP Avalanche to a massive wave of critical acclaim and local confirmation. The wild success and support of the EP led to the follow-up release of 2012’s Rumoura, with engineer Jeremy Staska (Nonpoint, A New Found Glory) and the talents of well-known executive producer, Ed Goodreau both actively assisting in the fulfillment of the bands vision . With full video support for two lead-singles; “Til My Heart Stops Beating,” and “Balloon,” lighting up the internet, A New Way To Live Forever became known as a band to both hear AND see for their creative and electrifying performances.

Fast forwarding to the present finds ANWTLF having just released their newest five-song EP, Monument, with guitarist from alternative-giants Candlebox’s Peter Klett at the producer’s helm. After opening for the alt-rock legends in January 2014 – A New Way To Live Forever not only made a huge impact on the sold-out crowd – but also to Peter, who sought them out to produce this latest EP.

Monument builds on ANWTLFs groove-infused blend of rock, soul, and pop, offering a set of anthemic, radio ready songs primed for audience consumption. 

Their sound is a heavy alt-rock base mixed with soul/pop elements to create something powerful and very catchy.


  • ORGY
  • Candlebox
  • Surfer Blood
  • Stephen Pearcy
  • Lit
  • Supercar Week Palm Beach featured performances
  • PBS’s “The Gig” – On Air feature and Performance
  • 2014 Best Florida Music Video for “Balloon” on Spano’s Rock Show

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